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The Millennial Mama was born out of the desire to create a community of like-minded mothers, especially those running their own show or creating an empire. It’s important to celebrate what an amazing thing motherhood is, support and empower each other. The Millennial Mama will showcase some inspirational millennial mums through interviews, collaborations and feature personal (and #unfiltered) stories of the good, the bad and behind the scenes.

Who are millennial mums? 

Generation Y aka the MILLENNIALS were born between 1980 and mid-1990s. Often considered as self-centred, materialistic, the digital era with a childish attitude. A mother with a camera in hand, taking a selfie of herself nursing her baby/ies over a Kombucha drink, wearing sweats or a corporate suit.

Becoming a first-time mum (or even second time around) at any age is hard. Every Tom, Dick and Harry will give their unsolicited advice but no matter how prepared you are, motherhood is a game changer and now more than ever, millennials are shifting the ‘traditional’ ways of parenting.

What does a Millennial Mama look like

  1. Tech-savvy – Millennial mamas often have multiple ‘devices’, share their lives through social media and save memories to the ‘cloud’.
  1. Connected through social media – Friends can be made by a simple click. If there are common interests as simple as being a mum, you are probably connected somehow through social media. A hash tag could lead you closer to someone of like-mindedness.
  1. One head, many hats – Stay at home mum, flexible workspaces, full-time working mama, part-time employment, online student/offline mother, small business brand owner, CEO at work or home. The rising cost of childcare is an issue and most families are faced with this.
  1. Style gurus – While fashion trends are made obvious through social media platforms, online shopping has changed the way in which we purchase and style our homes, our children and ourselves.
  1. In-tune with societal shifts – Millennials are more open-minded and advocate issues impacting society such as gender inequality. Although often living on a budget, Millennials still make organic food choices.
  1. IVF is increasing – 1 in 6 Australian couples will have a fertility issue as some point. Parents are also given opportunities to parent a child through sperm donation and surrogacy.
  1. Not afraid to challenge ‘traditional’ ways – Fearless, independent, strong and determined to put their externalise their thoughts, feelings, morals and values.

If you have a story to share about your experiences as a millennial mum, please get in touch –

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