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DISCLAIMER: I think it necessary to highlight I’m quite the novice, I am not an expert of children and I am only 3 years in on the marathon we call motherhood. I am a fellow mama whom is doing her best to raise my three under 3. I look at parents doing it harder than I and I empathise. I look at parents whom have this sh** down and I am in awe. I wanted to create this platform for two main reasons; to resonate with fellow mamas by providing a fresh perspective on the issues that matter to Millennial Mamas and share my experience of a first-time mum to a singleton and second time around with twins.

As a first-time mum, my whole identity shifted. I went from making my way through the career jungle to being the first amongst my close friends to fall pregnant. I turned to reading books, blogs, forums and asking any parent I knew for advice. A short stint on maternity leave and then came the second time around which is meant to be easier right? I mean you’re already a parent. You’ve conceived, experienced the highs, the lows and the birth!

When I found out I was pregnant with twins, I just assumed it would be the same as my first baby but rewarded with two babies by the end. Some of it was the same but a lot was different. I started searching for blogs, looking for reputable books, searched on Google until I had read almost everything that was appealing. I did everything I could and reached out as much as I could. What I felt was missing was reading the reality, the raw and organic reality of juggling newborn twins and a toddler (singleton versus twins) while being a Millennial Mama and thinking of my career and how I would juggle it all and successfully.

From the moment I had my twins, I have appreciated my first-born more than ever and I feel more connected to being a mother and balancing my identity as Mum and Me. I have met wonderful women and families with singletons and multiples and the crazy combo of both while I’ve also already started the ‘back-to-work’ discussion.

Amongst my friends, some are parents and some are not. Some conversations involve the talk of our children while others involve humour, wit and the refreshing conversations that don’t always involve children and milestones. While at work, my colleagues give me great inspiration, I admire fellow teachers whom I can call friends, I look up to my leadership team in awe and this whole other network I now have is a network of other incredible women, fellow Millennial Mamas.

On social media, I follow and admire the Honest Jessica Alba and the incredible ‘mumtrepenaur’ she is, I relate to Clemmie Hooper as she candidly embraces motherhood, I keep up with the Cachia’s through The Young Mummy; I appreciate the road Leila of Single Mum Diaries has to take and with pride, I am in awe of Rebecca Judd continuing to be the entrepreneur she is with twins the age of mine plus two, I wouldn’t have survived without my Twincredible twin feeding pillow developed by Flat Out Mum’s Olivia Anderson, I salute Roxy Jacenko and the empire she is building as a powerful and influential business woman, I want to reach out to The Sleep Mama for a Toddler Life package, I can only dream about the natural flair and wit Zoe Foster Blake has in her style of writing and I think how funny it is that I have something in common with George and Amal Clooney and Beyonce and Jay Z.

In reality, I’m just an everyday Millennial Mama trying to do my very best for my tribe. I’m the fellow mama that wants to juggle being the best mama I can be whilst also smashing my career and any business ventures on the horizon. I hope by writing this blog and creating this community, it is not only therapeutic and a way to continue to fuel my intellect but most importantly a platform for fellow mamas to be inspired.

Life is as peachy as we make it!

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