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Shaun is 28 years old and truly defining what it is to be a ‘Rad Dad’ of the Millennial age. While the women may be the driving forces of the family unit, most of us have the support of a partner-in-crime aka the ‘rad dad’ of the house. Proving how much of a hands-on father he is, Shaun taught himself how to braid through watching YouTube videos so he could do his daughters hair.

Shaun met his wife Natasha in high school and they started dating when he was 15 (Natasha 16) and will have been together for 13 years. After high school, Shaun proposed to Natasha in 2009. They got married on the 9th of January 2010 and then at the youthful age of 21 he became a dad for the first time. In November of that year their first daughter, Ella was born. He was lucky enough to then have his little man Harper in 2012 and their third child Evie in 2014, which completes their tribe.

Alongside his children, being a husband and working full time, Shaun has another “passion project” that he is launching. He has launched Yeah The Dads Clothing Co. The brand features a range of clothing for dads that also support them with $5 from every sale going directly towards supporting the fight for men’s health.

How do you define your role as husband to Natasha?

My role as a husband and dad is a hands-on one! My work schedule is pretty busy so anytime I get to spend with Natasha and the kids we make the most of especially since we moved to Sydney. I am lucky enough to have the most amazing wife in the world (plus she is a solid 10) that has always supported me in following my dreams and is an awesome mum to our three kids so she makes my role as a husband pretty easy to be honest.

What is your role as a dad?

I see my role as a dad has been to be there for my kids as much as possible, making sure Natasha and I do the lifting together with all the work that comes with having three kids and playing a really active role in their lives, I am basically a big kid myself sometimes so we are usually having stacks of fun!

The biggest part of my role as a dad is to support us with my work, try and teach my kids the values that we are proud of and want to see them to grow up and have, to get my hands dirty at home and help out as much as possible and most of all to make sure these little legends feel more loved then they will ever know.

Have you found a healthy work/life balance that works for you and your family?

Balancing work/life is sometimes tough – In my role I work some big hours and travel a lot through NSW, ACT and SA. There are times when I don’t get to do all the dad stuff I would love to do or miss out on some of the cool stuff like school assembly’s, football training or swimming but I try to make sure that when I am off or when I get to spend time with the kids that we make the most of it so you will find us regularly adventuring around Sydney or down the coast to chase some fun, going to way too many parks, visiting cool spots for coffee or my personal favourite when they actually let me do it…. braiding my girls hair! Self-taught off Youtube, you know it!

It’s also important for me too make time for Natasha and I to just spend together, gain some sanity back and appreciate each other on a date night or even just hanging out on the lounge together watching some series we are into together. Team work makes the dream work, so I try and make sure I show Natasha how much I am in love with and appreciate her which is hard because it is a lot…. Like there is one Krispy Kreme left and I’ll let you have it kind of love.

How would you define parenting in the Millennial age?

My approach and I think a lot of Dad’s approach to parenting in the millennial age is very different to back in the day. I am very hands on (I used to fight with Natasha so I could change the nappies or push the pram) and try to play a positive, loving role with my kids. Natasha is a stay at home mum and does a lot of work in raising the kids so I have always made sure after getting home from work to try and take a load off her with bath and bedtime ect plus it gives me more opportunities to hang out with the kids anyway. I believe the big difference in the millennial father is that we are more affectionate to our kids, play big active roles in their lives and share the load around the house. Just because I work big hours doesn’t mean I get a break when I get home, Natasha is basically working 24/7 with these little legends so I make sure I am too.

What do you hope for your children in the future?

My future hope for the kids is that they are just happy and pursue what ever that want to do in life, I will support them with what ever they choose they want to do or be and just want them to feel like they are loved every single day of the rest of their lives! I wouldn’t also say no to them thinking I am the most awesome person alive, but I will make sure I try to keep working on that lol!

Congratulations on the launch of your crowdfunding campaign to get Yeah The Dads Clothing Co. up and running. What was your motivation behind it?

In a nutshell YTD has been a passion project that I have been thinking about for ages but never took any steps to actually move into launching it. The main motivation behind it was obviously my awesome kids and how much I enjoy being a dad for them. Overall I wanted to launch a clothing brand that was for dads and one that supported them as well.

You can’t really buy a tee that represents you being a dad, you can only really get those awkward novelty tees that blokes wear once, so we are trying to make clothing that guys can wear to show that they are proud to be a dad or to through their support behind other awesome dads out there and also back a great cause with some money going towards charity.

The two most important parts of the brand is that we are making sure we give back to the community by supporting the fight against men’s health with the $5 from every sale going directly to charity to support that cause and also to try influence other fathers to play active and healthy roles in their children’s lives on a daily basis. If we can raise some money for charity, make a difference in one father’s relationship with their kids and put some sweat threads on some dad’s backs, then we have achieved what we set out to!

What steps have been involved in the process of designing a clothing brand?

To be perfectly honest the process of designing the clothing brand was and has been the easy part, I am lucky enough to have one of my best mates that works in the industry that is helping me with the production of the brand which has helped as well. In terms of the designs for the tees, I taught myself during high school how to use editing programs so I have been able to knock out all the first designs in house by myself which saved some money.

The hardest part of the process would have been the packaging, I didn’t want to do it in halves and am also super passionate about getting what I am calling a ‘packaging experience’ when you get your tees delivered. I’m not a big fan of ordering online and just getting your stuff in a mail bag, it just doesn’t scream thank you to me. So we have created a bit more of an experience for when someone receives their package in the mail to make getting your threads a bit more fun, to show everyone that orders that we genuinely appreciate it and that I think it makes sure the excitement of ordering doesn’t stop when you know your package has arrived but it is completed once you have that tee on.

I guess a quick run through of the key steps in the process I have gone through;

  • Design the images for the tees.
  • We started sourcing for a manufacturer to get them into production.
  • Has some samples made to make sure we were on the right track.
  • Finalized the designs and what tees we would be using for our brand.
  • Fleshed out and designed our experience packaging to then go to order.
  • Got final quotes and confirm production.

 Why did you decide to attach charity donations to your brand?

As above, I wanted to create a brand that actually meant something and also wanted to give back to our community in a way that would support people for wearing our tees so I decided on donating $5 from all our sales straight towards men’s health.

I am a big believer in giving back and doing good things for people just to spread the love, having the idea for the brand was one thing but just setting it up as a straight business and for pure profit didn’t really interest me, I wanted to be able to say at the end of day that by launching the brand we made some sort of difference in the world or someone’s life even if it be a small one.

What do you hope to achieve in the next year with your brand?

Big things…. Hopefully! YTD is all about giving back and it is a huge part of the brand, so down the track I have some crazy ideas that we would love to do to make a difference in someone’s life further down the track. In the next year though I would love for the brand to obviously get off the ground through our crowdfunding campaign, release another two to three collections of tees and spread the word more to grow our community.


On the weekend, how do you spend time as a family?

Usually trying to adventure and do some cool stuff with the kids. We have just finished Harper’s first footy season so we do a bit of sport on Saturday’s and then for the rest of the weekend we find cool stuff to do to try and create some memories with the kids. Over the last few months we have taken the kids to the Blue Mountains for the day, woke up way too early to get to Bondi for the sunrise and then did the Bondi to Bronte walk, had a park day where we crammed in 4 different parks for the kids to go and play at and we are suckers for a good markets with nice food so we have been down the coast to spend a day grazing on food trucks at some markets.


I think life is too short and the kids grow up too quick to waste too much time not doing cool things with them, we try to take ourselves out of our comfort zone as much as possible to do new things and experience places we think the kids will enjoy. We are just hanging in there for summer so we can get back to spending our weekends at some cool beaches!


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Shaun Gregory : Yeah The Dads Clothing Co.

IG: @ytd_clothingco

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