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Jessica Roberts is one half of the duo behind Modern Day Mumma; a blog created and shared between two beautifully down-to-earth mamas. “Modern Day Mumma is a lifestyle blog. Taking on every new day with a milf-like attitude.” With a contemporary approach to motherhood, Jess and Lisa (the other half of Modern Day Mumma) share their lives as young mothers balancing mum life, work life, social life and wife life.

Originally from Noosa Qld, Jess is currently living in Melbourne and is making the most of her weekends at the famous Luna Park. Jess was 21 when she had her first child River, and now is the mother of three with Scarlett (Scout) and Jagger added to her tribe.


When we find a ‘mummy blog’, it is often forgotten that these women that are willing to share their lives with others do have an identity aside from motherhood. Jess is an Interior Designer and as she has amusingly shared, has her Doctorate in Paediatrics from the world-renowned university of Google. Modern Day Mumma is not just another #mumblog. What I have found with Jess and Lisa is that there are two mamas behind this platform. We get to see how two mothers are juggling life. For one half of this duo, a day might be calm while the other may be battling a storm of tantrums, piles of laundry or working. It’s the perfect mix of parenting all on one platform.

In this interview, the self-proclaimed ‘cool mum’ (and I have to agree with that statement) shares a little bit about her life as a Modern Day Mumma; blogger, mama, wife and business woman.

What motivated you to start a blog and what advice would you give other bloggers to help increase their presence? I wanted to start a blog in 2013 when we went to Africa but didn’t have the confidence in myself to do it. So in 2015 when I was travelling through Europe with my husband and two little girls. I started to get a lot of emails and comments asking the questions “how do we do it?, Where to stay and go? And what products we use”. Instead, I wrote it all down and sent in a group email which leads to becoming my first blog post called “travelling with children”. Since then blogging became my little haven of escaping the chaos of #mumlife ha ha.

Regarding presence: Find a niche where something is lacking information. Mine is mostly traveling with children and of course, be you.

What has been the best aspect of starting Modern Day Mumma? The mummy community (us mums need to stick together) and traveling to awesome places. It’s easy to keep going to the same location when holidaying with children, but for me, I always want to go somewhere different so that I can write about it.

What are you and Lisa hoping to achieve in the future with your platform? Well, I want to be a host on Getaway ha ha. We’re not sure as MDM has only started to grow the last few months. I guess, becoming a brand as we are opening a shop online in 2018. So stay tuned…

Did anything surprise you about becoming a mother? I haven’t slept in 5.5 years. I thought the lack of sleeping only happened in the newborn stage, but it seems to be still going with my newborn, 5yr and 2yr “but who needs sleep ha ha” and breast feeding wow my nipples are on fire.

What are the most challenging and rewarding aspects of motherhood for you? Most challenging is sleep deprivation and rewarding having healthy kick ass children.

What has been the most valuable lesson you’ve learnt as a parent from your children? Sharing is caring ha ha. Patience, I’m the most patient person before four o’clock rock (4 pm).

You had your first child at 21. How were the early days of motherhood for you? Were they different for each child? Very different, at 21 I had pretty serve postnatal depression, so I couldn’t tell you much about the early days as it was a huge blur. 2nd and 3rd time around I was a little older and wiser and knew the first signs of PND so like Elsa sang: I just had to “let it go”; the house and sleep as I knew it was only for a short time.


In the life of Jessica, what does an average day look like?

Struggling to wake up 7.00am, get all three kids ready to run out the door for school drop off (I’m always late).

Clean the house.

I still have Scarlett at home so I try and go to a park or a walk with her to get her out and about.

Kids will sleep at some point, so I’ll either do washing and now emails.

School pick up.

As soon as we get home from school, I shower all three kids.

School homework and readers.

I don’t like the TV on from 4-7pm so five nights out of the seven we as a family are all dancing in the kitchen while I cook dinner (the neighbours hate us ha ha).

Then kids go to bed around 7:30 pm

Husband and I will talk or watch “Suits.”

Then bed around 10 pm.

What does a work/life balance look like for you? Chaos! MDM has only started to be active over the last two months, so I’m trying to find a routine on where blogging and emails fit in with three kids. Right now I have 1043 emails and 12 travel posts in draft ha ha. I’m starting to get help at home, so I’m slowly working my way to a routine on getting stuff done in the Instagram and blogging world.

What are your favourite things to do as a family? Traveling and going on adventures, that being the skate park, Luna park and the zoo on weekends

Is there a moment when you switch off? What does ‘me time’ look like for you? When the kids are asleep and I’m watching “dead TV” as my husband calls it… Like “Real Housewives of some place” with a glass of red ha ha. Something I need right now – “ME TIME.”

Personal Info:

Jessica Roberts

IG: @moderndaymumma


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