Roxy Jacenko : Australia’s Queen of PR

Noveember 30, 2016: SYDNEY, NSW. Publicist Roxy Jacenko poses during 'The Lust List' book launch at Bistro Moncur in Sydney, New South Wales. (Photo by Carly Earl / Newspix)

Arguably one of Australia’s biggest names in public relations, Roxy Jacenko; founder and director of Sweaty Betty PR and Ministry of Talent is a powerful career woman who knows what it takes to succeed.

At just 24, Roxy founded Sweaty Betty PR and has since grown her business into a multi-million-dollar empire representing some of the globe’s leading brands. In 2012, Roxy then saw a gap in the market and founded The Ministry of Talent, Australia’s first digital influencer management agency.

As a mother-of-two, multiple business owner and brand ambassador — the PR queen is no stranger in the world of media. Despite the rapid growth of her profile and business ventures, Roxy has been faced with unbelievable challenges in the last couple of years; challenges that many of us wouldn’t have overcome. Admittedly, saying she has lived the worst 12 months of her life, the 37 year old held her head high and continued to build her empire.

While Roxy’s personal life has become the overwhelming content that fills our newsfeeds, her success and hard work cannot be overshadowed. It’s undeniable that the queen of PR has worked hard to get to where she is. Although the entrepreneur had the support of her parents to some degree, she is the driving force of now multiple businesses and brands.

Roxy was a contestant on Channel Nine’s Celebrity Apprentice and is the author of three novels – Strictly Confidential, The Rumour Mill and The Spotlight. As a businesswoman and mother to Pixie and Hunter, it was only natural that she would set up a business in the name of her child. Pixie’s Bows was established when Roxy was unable to find bows for her daughter’s hair. The brand has become a global success with Hollywood celebrities purchasing the bows for their children.

In addition to owning an empire of businesses, Roxy has started to share her knowledge through her sell-out seminar Roxy’s Tips and Tricks. If you want to learn about PR, social media marketing, building your business and refining your brand, this is for you! Although the seminar has finished, you can view the ‘In Conversation with Roxy Jacenko’ seminar via webcast.

3 Tips and Tricks that you need in your life NOW!

Presentation is everything – Presentation and attention to details is what customers will remember. Customise packaging, write a personal note and make it look so appealing that when posted on social media (because let’s face it, that’s what happens), others will want it!

Organisation through the use of a calendar – Use a shared calendar for important and significant dates. Everyone is on the same page and you can plan content and events well ahead of time. *This is even a good one for the family home. 

“On it” – This could be implemented in everyday life not just the world of business. If there is an issue or task that has been communicated, responding with two simple words “ON IT” means it has been address and will be fixed/completed.

“We need to send these products by 3pm today.”

“On it!” It has been addressed and will get done by 3pm today.

“Who’s up for a lunch break?”

“On it!” Let’s go!

In this interview, Roxy shares a glimpse of her life behind the scenes and more of her secrets to success:

At just 24 you launched Sweaty Betty PR and have grown the business to become a multi-million-dollar empire adding more businesses over the years. What would you say is the #1 key to success in your industry?

Pushing the boundaries and being very willing to take risks on activations and concepts which are very out of the box. Mix this with 7 days a week and a will not be defeated approach and I would say its what has helped grow Sweaty Betty PR to what it is today.

 Due to demand, this year you took your sell-out even Roxy’s Tips and Tricks to Melbourne and extended the seminar to a webcast ‘In Conversation With Roxy Jacenko’. What are 3 tips/tricks on the topics of PR, social media marketing and building one’s business that you can share with us?

Doing my seminar is a very rewarding exercise for me, being in a room with 700+ people all keen to learn from your learnings is a wonderful feeling, also spending the time with the attendees in a meet and greet post session is sensational.

My Top 3 tricks:

  • Don’t follow up a pitch by email with another email – pick up the telephone! No better way to get a story on a page than by phone!
  • Understand and Monitor your Debtors list, for 12 months of my business I didn’t have one and had a huge hit of lost income when a client went bust owing tens of thousands, had I of been monitoring the back end of my business the way I was my front of house I would have known the debt they were racking up and stopped work before loosing out!
  • Tailor your pitches, don’t think that a press release bcc’d to 200 + media is ever going to get you the story on the page, tailor each and every pitch and forget the page long press releases, media a time poor, they want short and sharp pitches.

From the outside, we see your brand consistently grow. Have their been any failures along that way? And if so, what did you learn from it?

I don’t feel like I have had any failures as such, every mistake you make is so you know how to do it better next time or what you need to do to actually make it work. In 2008, I opened a London office which was a big waste of money BUT I learnt quickly that to have a successful business you need to physically be there, running it and present to make it work – phone calls and emails are enough to make a success of an international office!

What has been your biggest success story?

I would say all of my companies; Sweaty Betty PR which is now 13 years old, TheMinistry of Talent which is my digital agency and was one of the first in Australia to represent digital influencers and creatives and Pixie’s Bows my Kids Hair Accessory line – success to me is the continual growth of each and the management of all three alongside my wonderful team.

What keeps you going when things get tough in your business world?

My responsibility to my clients and my staff! Failure is not and has never been an option in my world.

What does a typical day in your week look like?

Hectic, I start at 7am and finish at 11pm! Add two kids under 6 to that and its non-stop.

What has been the most valuable lesson you’ve learnt as a parent from your children?

That you need to parent according to the child, there is no right way that we all should be following, you need to be flexible in your approach!

Did anything surprise you about becoming a mother?

The amount of joy children bring to your life, and no matter how rubbish things can become they make the day end wonderfully!

We see you posting workout selfies and stories daily. Is working out ‘me time’ for you? Is there a moment when you switch off?

I started gym for my health as I needed to strengthen my bones when commencing radiation for breast cancer, now its just a way of life, I don’t switch off at all but I do enjoy the 45 minutes daily and the results that come from the regime!

We often hear about your relationship but I’m here to ask how you are health wise. You dealt with your breast cancer so incredibly well. You showed strength that many wouldn’t have had at that time. Do you feel you’ve reached a point where your physical and emotional health is at a constant?

I am well now, I have Tamoxifen to keep cancer at bay and had a partial removal of my left breast 12 months ago. I am due for my yearly check this month but as it stands, all is looking well.

It was a terribly challenging time and I don’t think I would have managed to get through it as well as I did without the support of my Mother, Doreen, Pixie and Hunter – in the end, no matter how tough you are you can crack, and I did, loosing my marbles good and proper but I am much better now – clear headed, happy, balanced and in a wonderful supportive family environment.

You are unstoppable. What’s next for Roxy?

Who knows, the way my life goes its 8.11pm and I’m not even sure what ill have for dinner!

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