How to DAD: Jordan Watson giving a ‘blokes’ perspective on parenting in the Millennial age.

With close to 3 million views on his first viral video, 1.4million Facebook likes and 163 000 YouTube subscribers, Jordan Watson offers ‘instructional’ videos on how to be a parent with the help of his two daughters (props).

With the perfect mix of his Kiwi sense of humour, creativity, humbleness and ‘hands-on’ approach to parenting, parents from around the world have formed quite a solid fan base. It all started when Jordan was left at home with his youngest daughter and posted ‘How to Hold a Baby’ online, tagged his mate from work who was expecting a child and woke to his video going viral.

It is no surprise that Jordan has made a brand out of this. With ongoing video uploads and VLOGS that continue to gain high views, likes and shares the next best step is to put all of these ‘instructions’ into a book which is exactly what Jordan has done. How to Dad and How to Dad Volume 2 is jam-packed with parental goodness.


Jordan and his wife (who recently made an appearance with a wave and a high-five) shared the news of another baby on the way in true How to Dad style. We can’t wait to see where How to Dad goes next and how baby #3 will contribute.

Firstly, I want to say a big congratulations on your baby announcement in true How to DAD style. What is your role as a dad?

Number one is to be FUN! Then, to provide guidance, be the lead discipline guy when I have to be and number one guy at fixing anything!

How do you define your role as a husband?

My wife and I are equal partners in this – she can lean on me when she needs to and I can lean on her too. (Which isn’t advised because I may hurt her back)

How would you define parenting in the Millennial age?

Confusing. Us and our parents grew up without Ipads, Laptops, Iphones and the world seemed to be a whole lot more safer. It’s about trying to find that balance between the good ol’ days and the new. Yeah, confusing.

What were you doing before How to DAD and do you still work aside from your brand or is this your full-time role now?

I had a job working behind the scenes in Television. I left that four months ago and now work full-time on all this How to DAD stuff and we are trying to do as much with it as possible. Facebook, Youtube, Instagram,. Books, Web-series, TV shows and more. Why not!?

Have you found a healthy work/life balance that works for you and your family?

Yeah – now that I am my own boss it frees me up to pick and choose when I want to have the kids with me – I’m not stuck to ‘outside of work’ hours which is awesome. I am quite a workaholic so do need to remind myself to unplug a bit more but we’ve got it pretty bloody good.

You first video was intended for a friend and went viral. At what point did you realise ‘How to DAD’ had become more than just a funny take on parenting?

I think the day we hit 1million FB followers. I was like ‘Holy Sh*t!’ – that’s when I really started thinking about making this into more than just funny videos and seeing what else we could do to make money form this thing. Keep it fun of course but hey, I have a family to look after so we’re always looking at new opportunities with the How to DAD “Brand”.

Your videos reach millions of people across the world and your sense of humour is so well received. What country or demographic makes up majority of your audience?

In order – US, UK, Australia then New Zealand. Largest demographic is female. Lots of mums having a laugh. I think my clips unknowingly offer a moment of escapism from the challenges of parenting which can be a big moral boost when changing those nappies at 3am.

How did you break through the social media ‘clutter’ to become seen?

Consistency. Our first ‘How to’ went live on FB & Youtube on a Monday two years ago and we haven’t missed a Monday since!

What social media platform has led to most views/success?

Facebook for us is by far the most successful. The ease in which parents can tag friends is just so easy. 1.4 million fans and growing! (blows my mind)

What are some strategies or tricks that can drive more traffic to social media platforms whether it is YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or blogs?

Well I have a weekly Youtube VLOG that is hard to get my FB fans eyes on. I found the best way is to edit a small teaser clip together and then post the Youtube link with that. Youtube links alone on Facebook just die.

You continue to produce videos that bring such light and humour. How does one continue to create such engaging content?

I guess I’m quite a creative guy and can come up with something out of nothing. Any things that me and the wife come across as parents can surely be made into a silly ‘How to’ video – that;s basically it. Not much thinking goes into it. It just needs to be an idea that will connect with as many people as possible (people = parents).

Congratulations on the publication of your most recent second book. You’ve made the transition from video to writing now two books; is there an end goal for ‘How to DAD?’

No end goal – That’s a good thing I think. We got given a lucky break with the first thing we ever made going viral and now are running with that – how far will we run? Who knows, but I’m not tired yet.

What is next for you?

I have a TEDX talk at the end of October, working on new smaller segments for the FB page then working on a LIVE show. So watch this space.

All images: @howtodadNZ

Personal Info:

Jordan Watson ‘How to DAD’

IG: @howtodadnz


Youtube: How to DAD

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How to DAD

How to DAD Volume 2

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