Signs you are a Millennial Mum

It is the era of the Millennial Mum with 1 in 5 mums born between 1980 and 2000 breaking new ground and stamping their mark on motherhood.

What is a Millennial Mum?

A Millennial Mum is a new generation of woman who is doing things differently to their mothers. They are embracing the modern world, connecting with their children and most importantly with themselves.

They are happy and have a great balance in life.

17 Signs you are a Millennial Mum

  1. Social Media – Social media plays an important part in your day-to- day life. She has a multiple social media platforms going at once and is not afraid to share her life with the world.
  1. Tech Savvy – You encourage the use of computers, tablets and phones. Your children own multiple devices and use them on a daily basis.
  1. Texting – Texting is your favourite form of communication and you’re really good at it.

  1. Online shopping – You prefer the flexibility and convenience of shopping online.
  1. Blogs – You seek advice from blogs and forums rather than phoning Mum.
  1. Healthy – Your children eat out and have a sophisticated palette. They eat foods such as Sushi, hummus, olives, soft cheeses and a wide range of vegetables to name a few. You are always encouraging them to try new foods.
  1. Organic – You understand the benefits of organic and free-range foods. You are also aware of its impact on the environment and make smart choices.
  1. Hover less – You are less likely to be a helicopter parent. You want your children to enjoy the world and to experiment. You want to raise confident independent children.
  1. Involved – You want to be involved in your children’s life. You have thoughtful conversation and are interested in their choices. You guide them; allowing them to make decisions that impact on their lives.
  1. Plays – You play with her children. You engage in child’s play and enjoy using the sophisticated toys children have today too.
  1. Baby wearing – You understand the benefits of baby-wearing for both mom and baby.
  1. Educated – You are smart and well educated! Most Millennial mums have some form of higher education.
  1. Tattoo – You have a Tattoo of some kind or are open to the idea of tattoos
  1. Creative – You think outside the box. You mask disliked food in fun creative meals to encourage its consumption.
  1. Creative baby names – You want your child to have a unique creative name.
  1. Me-time – You understand the importance of me-time and is not afraid to spend time doing things for yourself.
  1. Traditional – You like to look after her family. You cook and look after the house. You have a great work home life balance.

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